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James R. White, Jr.




 This Book was published in 2005 and is out of print at present time since 2012.  Author and writer, James R. White, Jr.,  and Anthony S. Petti,  a main-contributor!        

Mr. White wrote the Book for the public to understand why we do not have crime prevention in Hospitals, Universities/Colleges, Shopping malls, and other complexes. 

Make no mistake, security is the main answer to the Before Factor needed to have prevention in any area, for keeping them from guns will not give us the BEFORE factor!  AND to take away the guns from the common people of USA, is not helping our BEFORE factor either! For the police can not help in the area of preventing crime, and terrorist attacks. Their main operations put them in the,  after the fact area, and sometimes,  during the fact of a crime. 

The Book goes in to the facts backed by research, investigations, experiences, and a history of media coverage that dates back to 1968, to prove the Authors point of view. 

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